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    Quote Originally Posted by BS720 View Post
    Uncle flew back from Vail to his home in Minneapolis three weeks ago. He'd been sick, self isolating, talking to his doctor, getting better, fevers gone(I think). His wife comes home this morning and he's dead on the floor. If I had to guess, chances are high he flew out of Eagle instead Denver. He spends most of his time in Colorado in Vail instead of Denver, so I'm guessing someone either gave it to him in Vail or on the flight. No fun having someone so close to you have this take their life.
    One of my best friends is a private pilot who flies his boss from Aspen or Eagle to Minnie. I told him a month ago that his new plane and nav systems wouldn't be needed because his boss's planned Italy vaca was never going to happen. He laughed, bought me a beer, and said, "well, that's why I'm on salary!". Skip a week or two, the whole county here fell to shit.

    Sorry about your uncle. The whole country of Mexico blames Vail for its infection. I'm not one to argue. But, there are a lot of factors involved. People left here are blaming all kinds of nationalities. Does it really matter? Missing the point.

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    <∆Thanks. Yeah, it doesn't matter where it started. We all have to beat this thing now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glademaster View Post
    Has anyone here had symptoms that are akin to a mild case of this?

    I never had a cough or any chest congestion, and at best a very minor sore throat(I toke a fair amount, so they happen), but a week or two ago I had a 4 or so day stretch where I had a lot of headaches and neck/shoulder aches, combined with a really hard time thermo-regulating: Random bouts of sweating/flushing and chills over the course of the day. I just figured it was manopause or stress related because it was the busiest week I've had at work in months. Now I wonder.
    This. Had exactly the same with wifey, started about 10 days ago. I had few spells with shortness of breath on two days, no cough, chills & low fever (37.2c°) on couple of evenings and thats it. Wife had mild fever for few days longer and sore lungs, but now no other symptoms that a small cough now and then. Two of her co-workers had similar symptoms but with higher fever and more serious breathing problems, and thats where we prolly got it from.

    Would be fantastic if the Big C would actually manifest itself with symptoms as mild as this.
    But, hard to say with no antibody testing available (currently) around here.

    The floggings will continue until morale improves.

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