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    Was pretty stoked to return to Norway this spring (actually my flight was supposed to take off this morning) for the 2.0 trip. Had some really cool lines ready to ski last year and then I reinjured myself and had to bail. Then the bubonic plague happened again and no one is flying anywhere. Oh well.

    Here are a few photos from our brief trip to Lyngen and Lofoten.

    Had a layover in Latvia. Pretty rad place

    Attempted Tromso peak upon arrival, got totally whited out though. The hike up was nice

    And then she socked herself in real good. We pretty much marco polo-ed this german dude down. He had no eyewear and between the wind blowing up snow and the viz he was pretty screwed. This was before it got real bad

    Left the city after skiing and headed for a hut to base ourselves out of for the next few days.

    We toured straight from the hut for a day or 2 and then toured to the car and drove elsewhere to ski. About an hour in and out. Not a bad way to do it, definitely the cheapest way if you want a heated structure with a kitchen as opposed to a vehicle or tent.
    Had to tour over a lil mountain to gain our objective

    Where we came from

    We were considering the coulie across the way in the photo on the middle peak right side, someone beat us to it.

    Hulk Hogan once said, "Always swim w a buddy". I take his advice in snow as well

    Dropped a steep face down the backside and then had a suuuuper long mellow glacier run down valley back to the hut.

    We tried skiing the coulie across the way on the left centre peak the next day, got about 3/4 up when the snowpack started scaring us so we bailed.

    Gorgeous glacier back yonder

    Left the hut for a different zone, it was rad. Wanted to have a peak at this guy from across the valley. Will be back to ski her for sure.
    Left foot right foot

    As you can see, she was plenty filled in. Weather and viz would not permit us to ski her in the next few days, and then i got hurt. So no dice. Just another reason to go back

    Our line wasnt anything to complain about. Loooooong ski down.

    Weather started changing for the worse, so we changed venues.
    Time for reflection

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    Lofoten bound

    I love the scenery in Norway. If I was travelling alone I would struggle to get any skiing done b/c I would be pulling over everywhere to take pictures. Luckily when we pulled over here to snap one there was a sexy peak to ski as well

    Skinning became a bit gnargnar towards the summit so skis on the shoulder for the first time

    Peak was rad

    Some other line we decided to head up

    Slope testing a small side line to see if N facing snow was still holding out

    Not too shabby

    Skied something rad back down to the car via a long slog out to circumnavigate back to the car

    Man this place is awesome.

    Obviously a storm was brewin, so we raced the weather down the first coulie we could find

    Sun popped again, lets go skiing

    Couple more peaks we bagged

    And then I hurt myself. Note to self, do not ski locked out dynafits on icy as fuck road ski outs. Yup, hurt myself on a road. Lame
    Here are some scenics






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    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Norway is a dream trip for sure.

    The youtube vid you attached of Jacob Wester skiing that coulior is incredible. 10:00 bright sunshine endless run. How long would it take to boot up that thing?

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    Thanks. Insanely jealous. Lofoton is one of those places that I would love to spend a year or two.
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    Man what a great trip! Thanks for the pjcs

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    Uuuuuuuuggggggg. Had a two-week trip planned to Lyngen that I just scratched. First world problems and all, but this COVID stuff sucks.

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    Between a rock and a soft place. Aberdare and The Brecon Beacons, Wales

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    I'm always impressed anyone is willing to surf water that cold.

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    Awesome nature

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    Way to get after it, and too bad about the tweak. Lofoton is so cool, can't wait to get back as well.
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    nice !!! last three years been to Norway and Iceland absoulouty love everything about each trip , was meant to leave for Svalbard on 7th of June but now postponed til may 2022 , can't wait

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    Norway primer

    Looks like a lifetime of stuff to ski and see there. Well done.

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    Beautiful places

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