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    Myrkdalen - Norway

    Upon searching (which I hope I did somewhat ok), it looks like minimal TR's on alpine skiing in Norway. I'm heading to the Lyngen Alps April 21-28, but... before that I have some days with a friend in the area (who doesn't really tour, yes, we are still friends somehow) so:

    Does anyone have current beta on Myrkdalen in Norway? Looking at spending a few days (April 12-15 ish) there pre Lyngen. Not looking for the hardest charging, but slopes over 30 degrees would be appreciated and off piste. Not expecting powder conditions, but some fun spring skiing would be great, freshies a bonus.

    Not that touring would be a focus for these days, BUT, do opportunities exist to head off the chair and walk a little to find some goods that come back into the resort?

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    I can tell you how I feel about Myrkdalen, but the real question is "why is Myrkdalen the alternative you're considering"?

    I haven't skied Myrkdalen a lot (you might try PM'ing kid-kapow, he's from the region. I'm not - and might be in the wrong here), but I don't love it. It has some terrain, and some decent sidecountry, but the few times I've been there most of the inbounds terrain get skied out rather quickly, and isn't that exciting anyway. For april the weather should be good, but overall I feel that Myrkdalen is a bit vulnerable to bad weather. This year they have had a lot of snow so far, but in the end of april it's anybodys guess how much is left of it.

    There is a lot of good touring in the Voss-area, but I'm not sure how much of it is directly connected to that resort.

    The resort itself is in the middle of nowhere, about 20 minutes by car or bus to the nearest town (Voss).

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    If you've got a buddy there, especially with a car, you might as well give it a shot. They'll be something skiable in either Voss or Mryk.

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