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    WTB/WTT : ~98mm charger, 185-190 long

    I have a pair of 185 cm current gen Cochise's with only a few days on them that are a touch wide for what I want them for. I accidentally bought some 118mm skis over the Fall, so now I'm looking to trade down to something in the 100 mm range to replace the cochises. I'm 6'4", ~235 lbs, so I want something stiff and in the 185-190 range. I was hoping to find some 187 Bonafides, but haven't had much luck. The 188cm Commander 98's look interesting too, but also not much luck. Anyone have any they're trying to get rid of?

    I could trade the Cochises if interested and can get pics if needed; problem is I'm in Central Mass.

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    193 enforcer w/ FKS 18? In Central Mass.

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    Not necessarily trying to get rid of my 187 bonafides , but I would part with them for what I paid here plus shipping. I'd have to dig up the old post, but I think it was 325 or 350 with bindings. Very little wear.

    I love the skis and would like to keep AB'ing them against my MX98s, but also need to thin the herd and offset some recent exuberant procurement.

    Mounted with Attack 13s at 316bsl or thereabouts. Pm if interested.

    EDIT for posterity: SOLD. $325 + ship
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    Got a pair of 192 DPS Pure 3 in Boston. Id say they skid just as hard as my 187 bonafides.

    Let me know if this is of interest.

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    I've got your 98mm charger for sale right here:

    194 MX98 $200 + ship
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    Not looking to trade but I have 187 bonafide and 190 Rossi Exp 100... would let go of either cheap.

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