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    Quote Originally Posted by XXX-er View Post
    there are like 142 pages of "stuff" so for the OP this is relevant to what you wana do on AT/tech mounts

    " You can use a template or not but first figure out where fore/aft to mount the heel and put it at dead center, then mount the toe dead center by ONE screw only, allow the toe to VERY slightly rotate around that 1 screw, mark/drill all the rest of the toe piece screws with the boot locked into ski mode and everything should line up perfectly

    this will ^^ work for any frame type AT binding where you mount the heel and toe independently but they need to lineup/mesh perfectly "

    good luck eh

    After I fucked up my first tech mount using just the template (it went fine on the 2x4) I read XXX-er's tips and I've since mounted 4 sets of tech bindings and all align perfectly. I was crying as I filled the holes I fucked up on brand new Backland 95s.

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    It sounds like Tech mounts may or may not work perfectly for most people ... its a box of chocalates

    I asked my ski bud who used to own Valhalla Pure how he mounted AT bindings and his explanation was literally just that one sentence, it was so simple & made perfect sense to me

    I don't use templates, cuz I worry about them shifting or being printed right so i just use the binding itself, I think templates are fine to figure out where to put things but when it comes to drilling the holes I wonder if people print them off/ drill a bunch of holes super fast without being careful or understanding what is really going on and a tech instal could really highlight this

    Also my BSL is so small I tend to mess around with placement a bit
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