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    Help with some swiss cheesery

    Skis were mounted with Kingpins at 330bsl and STHís at 335bsl. What alpine bindings would fit well between the two sets of holes that are touring sole compatible? I was thinking Wardens because if I remember right you can use a couple of the STH holes? Maybe Griffons/Jesters share some holes with the kingpins? I realize pictures would probably help here but I donít have the skis yet. Should get them on Monday and will provide pics then. Backup plan is to print out a bunch of templates and see what fits.

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    You'll need to plug the front 2 toe holes from your STH2s and drill 2 new ones for the Wardens.

    STH2s share 6 of the 8 holes with Wardens - identical heel spacing/location, with the two rear toe holes being both identical as well as locating the toe in the same location.

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    They have so many screws it makes me feel more comfortable if there is overlap.

    I use maple dowels and a 2 part epoxy to plug and haven't had a pull out yet. Knock on wood. Pardon the pun.

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    Attack2 demo is AT boot compatible, and you can play with rail position to miss existing holes.

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