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Thread: YBN chains

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    YBN chains

    Just read an”independent study” claims they are the strongest and longest wearing. Any of you use them? I just break too many chains and want an alternative.

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    They can't possibly be better than XBR chains

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    If you're breaking chains, it's because your mechanic sucks or you're really bad at shifting. The breaking strength of pretty much any chain on the market is in the 1000's of lbs. You are not generating that kind of force.

    Improper installation or bad shifts under heavy load are why bike chains break.

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    I've been seeing longer life out of kmc over shimano (x11sl vs hg 601 and -701s). The gold ones come up on amazon for sub $50 occasionally and they look really cool.

    Do the YBNs come in gold? MTB needs a new chain (and cassette probably) and I guess I could try one out.

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    Only broken one chain ever. It was near the end of a race for which I wasn’t physically ready and in my exhausted state was doing some shitty shifting. It was a kmc sl, so maybe the lighter chains are less tolerant of bad shifting (?)because I’m sure I’ve done it before (errr...a lot) but have to agree it’s mainly a shifting/chain line/mech issue of some sort. I’ve mainly just used cheaper sram chains (though probably not the cheapest).

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    As far as bad shifting, yeah that'll do it. But I used to break a lot on my single speed when I rode it a lot. Like once a month or more. I used the cheapo SRAM PC1 chains on it, might have been part of the problem. Everyone I know who rides a single speed a lot breaks a lot of chains though, no matter what they run. If I run the new hard tail single I'll try a better chain.
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