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    Video: Verbier rescue on what sounds like a chaotic day

    I believe this is making the rounds on the news, instagram:

    Avalanche in Verbier, Switzerland. Thursday 30th of January was a hard day, almost one meter of powder landed on a four weeks dry terrain, the avalanche risk was so high (4/5). We were riding some snug couloirs in @verbier area when we saw an important avalanche going down next door Creblet pass. Maybe 10 people riding at the same time, on the same face. No security precautions at all. Unfortunately two girls were snowboarding in the middle of the face and the avalanche hit them so hard. We were the first on site and immediately started to do the beacon research. We quickly found the first one, second one was 70m down the face and quickly rescued as well. While digging out the girls people around continued to ski in every directions and the inevitable happened, second avalanche hit the area and a third person got stocked in it. Fuck tat was scary.
    @verbier is the freeride mecca and everyone riding outside the slopes should have the right equipment, get informed of the conditions and more importantly get trained to mountain safety with institutes like @istaeducation to have the right reflex and knowledges. Usually not a big fan of watching that kind of content on the socials but I hope this will help a bit in motivating people to get educated.
    Here is a condensed 50s of the accident, think itís enough. #gettrained #istaeducation #avalanche #verbier

    Never skied in Verbier but it sounds like a chaotic scene on that day, 4/5 risk, 10+ people on the same slope seemingly without a clue, party up high triggers avalanche on another group and bystanders come in to perform a rescue of two buried. During rescue, other clueless assholes keep skiing the slope and trigger a second slide burying a 3rd person. Anyone have more info? Was this the first powder day on a weekend all season or something and it brought out the idiots? I had assumed Europe was generally more clued in than North America on backcountry safety.

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    Intense. And no Euros are not more clued in than us. Resorts make it harder in NA to get your self in trouble though.

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    This. Was out yesterday on a considerable day here in Norway. Witnessed a 50 year old, stoked-angry, powder-hungry, "freeride-dad" planning to take 5 kids into avalanche terrain.
    Luckily two small girls missed the traverse, and the ended up back at the lift.....

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