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    I smell poutine!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Core Shot View Post
    Can anyone diagnose why my Sony Betamax isnít tracking right?

    I know, I should upgrade to VHS, but I have all these great tapes already
    You do know you can get free Pr0n on the internet these days, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jong Lafitte View Post
    If you have something with an RCA out, you can get an adapter to at least test. Plug in TopGun for the old NES?

    My money is on the VCR at -180, Would take TV at +250 but guessing that rn itís only paying closer to -110.

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    Good idea! I could do this, I have a Dreamcast and a 1st gen Xbox...somewhere...that both have RCA out if I recall correctly. Of course, if I get one of those hooked up, why would I want to screw around with movies while riding the trainer?

    Not taking bets on this one, someone would accuse me of having my thumb on the scale :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by k2skier112 View Post
    An N6006 with 3 lenses.
    Nice. I have some nikon glass but nothing auto focus.

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