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    Customized Apparel

    Commissions available for connecting me to companies you know.

    New opportunity for me, doing business development for a company producing embroidery and screen printing in house, as well as items like labels/stickers, signs, vehicle graphics. Additionally supplying various specialties like mugs, bags, pens, etc

    Looking for opportunities to partner with apparel manufacturers.
    Possibilities include but not limited to customizing apparel for:

    Your clients
    Your employees
    Give away items
    As well as repping your lines of apparel to my various customers

    For example one of our clients is a local Uniform supplier named Cintas, and we customize Dickies apparel for them. Very interested in work apparel as well as my obvious connection to the sports segment.

    Additionally my long time company is still running, producing printed items like brochures, posters, catalogs, etc.
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    If you could come up with an affordable solution for photographers to print zines, you'd absolutely kill it. Places like blurb and mixam are killing it and there are multiple posts per day on the photo reddits asking for just that.

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    Yeah that would be fun. Short run digital printing has come a long way in recent years. If you know any togs that want to do a concept test let me know. I’ll lookup blurb and mixam and see what’s up.

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    Through looking on ebay to see if anyone was selling a derbyflex, I ended up down a rabbit hole of old ski gear stickers for sale. Some of that stuff is going for surprising $$.

    Could you do the Mt Brighton Maintenance hat from Aspen Extreme?

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    That could entirely be re-created. One would be pricey but at a few dozen you’d profit for sure.

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