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    Quote Originally Posted by savemeasammy View Post
    Yes, that’s a lost and found. I’d be happy to take a look, but I won’t be at the mountain until after the comp (I live an hour away, and I go a different direction to get to Magic).
    Understood. If you could take a look next time you're there, I'd definitely appreciate it. Ask for change on Saturday, and I'd happily pre-pay shipping and buy you a few beers at the bar to compensate you for your time & the hassle.

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    Been living in this world for awhile:
    -Insurance still an ongoing challenge. Some clubs do one off purchases. Those affiliated with the ski school of a resort but acting independently can get covered easier (i believe the Whistler Freeride Club and Whitewater like it). IFSA's ultimate goal should be to fall under the Canadian Snowsports Association but I think that is way down the road. The IFSA has limited staff and resources.
    -should have coaches with CSFA Freestyle coaching as well as CSIA level 1 (if affiliated with a hill ski school which will likely require it for their insurance). Would be good to have a coach that has competed or do a local event and maybe bring up a few guest coaches/kids camp in advance.
    -have coaches create a training plan- We usually have a trip in early summer (more park focused), tramp/dryland/airbag throughout the fall.
    -pick a few comps the kids want to go to and the parents can get to . Need to book them early as they sell out. Obviously travel costs, etc. I'd probably start small. Lots of good ones in Western Canada as well as a regional at Alyeska. You can get a sense of the schedule on the IFSA website. Nationals can be pretty competitive at older age groups so I would maybe pick one or two or those and one or two regionals as a start.
    -make sure you have some motivated parents who can help run the club as well as fundraising (Casinos, online auctions, etc. can help reduce the fees). This is probably #1,
    -reach out to Jeff Holden (you'll find him under Western Canada Freeride on Insta...he's the head judge on lots of the western Canadian comps plus sits on IFSA board). He can probably give you some ideas and I know did a camp at Revy last year for kids.
    -the programs we've been involved with tended to get kids coming off of racing or freestyle wanting to mix it up. It's a really fun community and the kids will meet great friends from other places.

    Good luck!

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