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    Rotefella Freedom Binding and Crispi EVO NTN Compatibility Issue?

    Hey - on a ski trip with a friend who has a newly mounted Rotefella Freedom Binding that is not going into ski mode with his new Crispi EVO NTN boot. It appears that the binding directly under the toe wants to go UP to pinch the toe in the front cage when it goes into ski mode?

    It seems like the toe on the Crispi boot is too tall to allow this? Before he goes grinding down the rubber on the bottom of the boot to make it thinner (will that even work?) I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone's seen this before. Is it possible the binding was mounted incorrectly?

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    I've witnessed this. I have several pairs of Freedoms, and yes, when you go into ski mode, a cam of some sort presses up the under-toe platform, pinching the mini duckbill between this platform and the toe bail.

    My Crispy EVOs do not allow the binding to fully go into ski mode. My conclusion was the same as yours, which is that the height of the toe is out of spec and too tall.

    No problems with Outlaw X. To run freedoms, my assumption is again the same as yours, which is that grinding a few mm off the bottom of the toe would be required.

    I've never seen this discussed anywhere. I have heard about Crispi NTN boots being out of spec in other ways, but I think those had more to do with the duck butt. I've never heard anyone else talking about the toe height issue with Freedoms.

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    My Evos (two pairs) fit into my Freedom bindings, but I do recall hearing some folks had to grind some vibram off.

    But since I use the World Cup boot version the Freedom just really doesn’t ski well ... the Freeride feels much better with the WC.

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