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    I had a bike delivered via FedEx with the same signature requirement last year. There was an option on the tracking page to pay $5 and the driver met me at my place at an arranged time during off hours (I think it was 6 pm). Not sure if this was regional thing but it was stupid easy and worth the $5 to not chase my new bike around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hutash View Post
    Just spent three days dicking with FedEx. Finally got my package (four bottles of wine ) Don't believe anything they say or what the website says, they will do what ever the fuck they want and there is not shit you can do about it. UPS is way better, but they are know to screw the pooch as well. Is it any wonder Amazon is eating their lumch?
    And Amazon's drivers are eating Amazon's lunch. A lot more stuff going missing since Amazon started to use its own drivers.
    BTW--maybe it's common knowledge, but if you leave a signed door tag for an item sent as signature required you have no recourse with the seller if the package goes missing. The signature requirement is to protect the seller, not the buyer.

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