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    I haven’t paid much attention recently but Light Bicycle had an office on the west coast (LA?) that sped up US delivery times for in stock items and handled warranties

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    Quote Originally Posted by grinch View Post
    I like hope hubs. Durable, super ez to service and change freehub bodies and well priced. I usually get wheels with hipe hubs from chain reaction for a good price.
    Ill be going back to aluminium rims. My light bicycle rims were bombproof and they have great customer service and lifetime warranree option for $50. Tons of good reedback on WAO.they run a good business and i havent heard a complaint on them. I just dont like the stiffness of carbon, no real weight savings and more $. Initially i liked the responsiveness when i jumped on the pedals but they seem a bit harsh pounding through the rough. Different strokes i guess. Depends on your use and where you ride and shat you want out of a wheel
    Done with carbon bars and 35mm diameter size too

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    When you run the math going LB vs high end aluminum. You pay $100 more per wheel and save 1/2lbs per rim. That math works for me but no way I would go high end carbon wheels and spend $600 more per wheel.

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    [QUOTE=but they probably will suggest either DT Swiss XM481 for the rims.[/QUOTE]

    Is that a negative? Building up on older non boost 29er ht frame and after poking around a bit settled on these. Hoping they work

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