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    Kingpin 13 DEMO paper template

    I mounted a pair of these a couple of years ago, and cranked out the template then.
    [Someone then asked about a template in the template thread. I'm finally getting around to posting it.]

    It worked fine for me, but it should be considered a BETA template.

    While I'd usually recommend a test mount on a cheap 2x4 even for non-BETA templates, I'd *REALLY* recommend it for this.

    This template, I know, works for the 13 DIN version. The 10 DIN version I've never seen. I think it has the same pattern, but please verify that.

    If you do mount with this, please post feedback to the thread.

    And I'll say this last.
    This template is for the DEMO [not regular] Kingpin 13. [And perhaps the Demo Kingpin 10].

    If you post here about problems with some other template [e.g. The regular Kingpin 13], well - you shouldn't be mounting your own skis, you're a danger to yourself and the rest of the world!

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