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    Quote Originally Posted by DJSapp View Post
    LOL, they just sold the construction division which was massively impact. How does that work exactly?
    Interesting, right? But then there was a recent ruling in favor of policy owners in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old goat View Post
    Hopefully by now the people giving shots are vaccinated, which may or may not protect the clients. Hell, if they would give me shots I'd give up on this ski season (easy to say when the snow is shit) and start giving shots.
    BTW--I keep reading about all these doctors' offices going broke because nobody wants to go to the doctor these days. Surely there are nurses in those offices who would love to be paid to give shots and docs who could use the money to be available for treating allergic reactions and give shots themselves. Also OR nurses with elective surgery canceled. If there was money to pay them.
    I haven't seen my docs. Two want blood work, but I'm not going inside for a draw. I'll take a small health risk from no test over a small death risk plus a small health risk. Maybe if we got back to May's low prevalence I would visit. If they offer a vaccine outdoors, I'd be there tomorrow. Hoping the county sets up outdoor vaccine clinics. I remember them doing that for dogs.

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