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Thread: Chinese Rat Flu

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    Quote Originally Posted by My Pet Powder Goat View Post
    Come for the poo-slinging, Save a fortune on a plumber.

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    They need a drive-thru at the weed store now.[/QUOTE]

    A drive up bong?
    Merde De Glace On the Freak When Ski
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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman View Post
    We have drive thru at the CVS near here, I'm all about that shit. No need to go in there, thanks.

    They need a drive-thru at the weed store now.
    Normally, I only use the drive-thru but it was 15 cars long and there was just a few cars parked. I was at the front of the line when I walked in. Then this douchebag comes in talking shit almost breathing down the back of my neck. Fucking store is empty and this cunt has be a space invader asshole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rideski View Post
    There’s a critically important and urgent post that was addressed to you from one of the other members here, it didn’t look like you saw it. It was about 5 weeks ago. Maybe 6.
    To me? Help me out here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Highmen View Post
    A drive up bong?
    Yeah I don't think a drive-thru would really work.

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