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    FS: 2019 Mondraker Foxy Carbon 29 RR, Vry NEW

    Well, it's that time of the year again. Offloading the new new for the incrementally improved new new only because it's new.

    FS; 2019 Mondraker Foxy Carbon 29 RR, size Large (490mm reach, 628mm stack, 1236mm wheelbase). Don't read too much into those numbers, 'ol girl is surprisingly playful and poppy for her size. If you normally ride a large, she'll fit real nice.

    Brand spankin' new frame. Down to sell frame only (with shock), or as a complete with some a la carte options to accommodate a price range, if possible.

    Thinking....$2500 for the frame and shock? The fucking spaniards are proud of these. Trying to be reasonable here.

    Complete V1; if I built it back to stock spec (link here) with new pads, fresh oil and seals in the squishers, and a brand new GX drivetrain (cass, ring, chain) how does....$3900 sound? That'll include new rubber, too. And grips. And a new seat, you can even sniff test it when it arrives. Delicious!

    Complete DELUXXX; well fuck, you made this far, you must have a chub and be all like "errrr maaah gawwwd, but I wanna sit-fuck it with a matching Kashima post, and a Grip 2 damper, and XO1 deeleyboopers, and a new set of wheels....good call, sport. That shit will set you back............$4500?? Fuck, I dono. Haggle me up and we'll see where we land.

    EDIT: I'd also be willing to do a frame and fork combo, since they match perfectly...$500 for the orange Fox Factory 160mm Fit4, and $650 for same fork with a Grip2 installed. Fresh seals and oil regardless. I'll toss in a headset with extra -1 degree cups fo' free if you buy the frame and fork.

    Obv. the bike is not built up. You want a pic of the parts in a box? Fuck off.

    Split ship. Venmo. PayME, etc... and start the season off with a fresh banana hammock.

    I really do love this bike. The reviews are bang-on. I'll even toss in a new needle bearing (shipped from Spain for fuck's sake) for the lower eyelet, which is a major bonus, cause that eyelet rotates quite a bit and eats those nylon Fox ones for breakfast, then shits them into a sandwich and eats that for lunch. Needle bearing = vry smooth, no more nylon shits. Delicious!

    Commence bidding war!

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    Bump for clarity on spec and pricing. Decided to keep a few things...slide into my PM's for questions

    New Frame + Shock = $2500
    New Frame + Shock + Fork (36 Fit4, 160) + Headset = $3000

    Entire bike = $3900
    - New frame, never build or ridden
    - Fox Factory DPX2 shock (with needle bearing kit) fresh seals and oil
    - Fox Factory 36 Fit4 160mm fork, fresh seals and oil
    - SRAM Code R brakes, 200/180mm, fresh pads and bleed
    - New GX drivetrain (cass, chain, ring)
    - GX rear der & shifter
    - DT Swiss E1700 Spline wheelset (350 hubs, 36T ratchet), essentially new wheels, ridden only as spares
    - OnOff 35mm carbon bar, 8/5 degree, 770mm
    - OnOff 35mm stem
    - OnOff Pija 150mm dropper post, with OnOff Pija lever
    - OnOff Saturn headset
    - Maxxis Minion DHRII 2.4 front tire, Aggressor 2.35 rear, nearly new
    - New SDG saddle
    - New grips

    Bike is sick, hate to see it go.
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    Bump bc the Foxy is soooo...well...foxy!!! I need a xl or Id be thinking about it.

    Howd you like it?

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    It's a handsome machine, I'll give you that.

    I was skeptical about the whole Forward Geometry thing at first, and it did take a little getting used to, but after a few rides and fiddling with bar height something unlocked for me and I'm totally sold on the whole progressive geo thing. You can attack trail so hard on this bike, it'll smash corners like you wouldn't believe. The overall speed it carries can get scary at times. Two things I'd recommend for the future owner are 1) use the needle bearing in the lower eyelet - it make the initial stoke so much more supple and prevents replacing the nylon bushings every month or so, and 2) I ran a .8 volume spacer in the shock due to the linear curve, even though technically on Fox's website they say given the stroke and air can combo you can' can, so long as you're not close to the max pressures. I weigh 170lbs and was running 160-180psi in the shock so no worries for me, but a heavier rider might be at the limit and should consider a RS with MegNeg or an X2 with an ass-load of spacers. With the .8 puck I used all the travel, but never had harsh bottom outs and loved the feel of the rear end. The Mondrakers aren't plush couches that erase trail, they feel more plucky and precise and never wallow. Tons of support to push off of, which make them surprisingly playful and poppy for how long they are. Only reason I'm selling is cause I got in with another brand, I'd keep this bike for years if this opportunity didn't present itself.
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