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    The documentary about the making of L of B "The Secret Life of Brian"

    And BBC comedy "Holy Flying Circus" are both well worth hunting out.
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    And there will come a day when our ancestors look back...........

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    I smell poutine!!!
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    I was raised in a good household, so obviously I saw Holy Grail and Life of Brian at a young age, and I consider myself privileged for that, since there's somehow a sizable population of my peers who've never seen these mainstream films. sad. but for anyone who hasn't seen it, or for anyone who wants to spread cheer to others, the movie "And Now For Something Completely Different" is worth $2.99 on prime or a DVD purchase. they took some of the greatest flying circus sketches, reshot them, and tied them together into a movie-length film.

    from this opening sketch on, I had my 13yo mind blown when my uncle sent me the DVD
    My wife if British/Canadian so a friend gave her some MPFC DVDs. Makes sense, right? Anyway, my 12 yo daughter was babysitting the boys, 8 and 6. They loved it. Probably one of the best things we did as parents. A fun game is Monty Python Flux. Under no circumstances combine it with Zombie Flux. It will probably cause the Penguin on top of your TV set to explode.

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    This was one of his funniest.

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