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    30-35 liter backpack: Mammut vs Patagonia vs Jones

    which one do you recommend in the 30-32-35 liter range? Nirvana vs Snowdrifter vs DSCNT? needs to have snowboard carrier.
    Any main difference among these 3?
    I have already a Mammut Nirvana Ride 22liter.

    thanks in advance.

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    The Spindrift 32 is pretty sweet, and it has snowboard straps (I haven't used them because I ski, but they're there). They wouldn't work in conjunction with the helmet carry though. It carries and skis well and has enough room for day trips. The only weird thing is that the avy gear pocket is inside the main pocket, so you have to whip open 2 zippers to get at your shovel/probe.

    I've only fondled the pata ascensionist, so can't really give a solid opinion on it.

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