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    i heart my hardtail, pumptrack workout is way more funnerer than running or the gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by forty View Post
    i heart my hardtail, pumptrack workout is way more funnerer than running or the gym
    Taking my 4 year old to the pump track was awesome last summer. He has fun and gets tired as fuck and I rip around on my Chromag. Might even build a few little rollers in my yard this summer to keep him and me occupied.

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    Just bought a used '19 Commencal Meta HT off Pinkbike... after a few upgrades, this thing is going to be fun as shit.

    I'll post pictures once it's built up.

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    I have a new babybear mobile on its way to me- Ibis DV9 for which I am very excited about. the white color, naturally
    Lots of more xc-ish trails around my office and from my house that I have sort of ignored the past couple yrs. but planning to ride the hell out of them this summer
    skid luxury

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    Quote Originally Posted by D(C) View Post
    It's a M/L and I'm 5'8", so it's on the big end of the spectrum for me. I run the fork firmer than I would on my full suspension to keep it higher in its travel.

    It's more that the bike is designed around a 160 fork. At 150, the reach gets even longer and the STA becomes really steep. 160 seems to pull things back a bit, which is good. I had been a bit resistant to running that much travel on a hardtail, but I think it will benefit how the bike rides both uphill and downhill by making the geometry a bit more comfortable.
    Confirmed, the 160 fork plus an extra spacer under the stem makes the bike feel awesome.

    I have come to conclude that the longer reach on new bikes results in the need for higher bars. I have also chopped 20 mm off my bars (now 760) compared to what I was previously running.

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    Eugenio Oregón
    ^ I ended up getting Diety screw on endcaps and moved my grips and controls inboard from 800 to 770 on my long reach hardtail.

    When I have taller friends come in from out of town I swap the grips (with some that are capped) and move the everything back out, then ride my Bronson. It’s been working out pretty well and is faster than swapping bars, maybe not as fast as swapping a 40mm stem for like a 70 though.
    "Strapping myself to a sitski built with 30lb of metal and fibreglass then trying to water ski in it sounds like a stupid idea to me.

    I'll be there."
    ... Andy Campbell

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