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    I smell poutine!!!
    Isn't swapping out the outlet an easy peasy job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warthog View Post
    Is this a newer home? Any receptacle in the garage needs to be GFCI, or be on a GFCI circuit per 2017 NEC I believe.
    Stupid freaking rule. If you are that worried about it, get a single receptacle and a new outlet cover. That way, ONLY the garage opener can be plugged into it. They should never require GFCI on any receptacle in the ceiling.

    As to the why's of it, most motor loads create a surge of juice on startup. This can wreak havoc on GFCI, which is why the pool installers revolted down here when they were going to require GFCI breakers on pool motors. They would have been tripping all the time. There is just a certain amount of leakage associated with motors. Your motor is working harder than it should due to shitty rollers, causing the GFCI to see enough of a difference in amperage out vs amperage in 4-6MA difference is all it takes to trip them. Some trip at 4ma, some at 5, some at 6- no way to tell.

    If it were me, I would consider that I have a built in tester in the GFCI. I would change the rollers out and see if that solves it. If not, change the receptacle out. That way, you solve the hanging up problem which, if you have ever had it happen, can get really ugly if they seize up.

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