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    Protest to Billygoat: A study in shapes

    I've been having the most first-world TGR problem imaginable: Transitioning from Protests to Billygoats is throwing me for a loop. My plan was this: Protests for untracked inbounds pow until 11, then swap out for Billygoats to murder the leftover chop and hunt for stashes

    Obviously the goats enjoy having a driver, obviously the protests are more neutral. But it takes me a good 30 minutes after I swap out to not feel like I traded floaty corks for sexy bulldozers. Either by themselves skied all day are absolute beauty, but going from one style to the other adjustment. I even tried moving the protests to -1, no dice. Is the shape difference that significant? Something about pintail lulling you into sweet fluffy complacency? Go to longer Protests (187-->192) for more effective edge? These were my only thoughts.

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    1. Sell Protest
    2. Buy C&D

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    I have 192 protest and 186 goat. If I had 187 protest I could see that happening. But both of mine want to run and no issue. All I got

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    First world problem indeed. I would avoid switching midday.

    My 196 Protests have such a large sweet spot, I can drive or surf.. really. They do quite will in chop and leftovers.

    My current method for my soft snow skis is:
    10” Plus - Protests all day.
    2”-10” - GPOs all day
    Day after Pow day - GPOs all day.

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    Protest to Billygoat: A study in shapes

    It’s a mental thing that only you can fix, Husky.
    I could transfer just fine from Protest to 191 Goats, Protest to 191 Lhasa Fat just fine.
    I actually think the 191 Goat and Protest required a very similar stance, centered with slight cuff pressure. Steer from the center of the foot. Tip them and stand on them.
    Now the Protest to Lhasa is a bit different as the Lhasa will reward you if you drive the tips yet was fine if coming up centered in fresh, smooth snow. I would just remind myself that that ski wanted a kill everything mentality.

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    I'm one of the outliers who couldn't bond with Protests. After 3 days on 187s, I sold them. I got more float and felt better balanced on my 182 GPOs, 182 Qs, my 184 BGs (15/16 - pre asym), and even my 182 Automatic 109s.

    I had serious remorse over selling my 15/16 Billy's (184), but solved that by picking up @lucknau's previous year 186s.

    The fact that you're ok with both skis however, suggests that you get to know each ski better - skiing each one for the whole day. Once you get to know each ski better, I suspect mid-day swaps should take 5-7 turns at most to do a mental reset.

    Longer Protests? I defer to Protest mavens. Failing that, yeah ... swap out the Protests for C&D's, or just sell the Protests and ski the Billy Goats exclusively. It's not as if you can't ski and enjoy 18" freshies with them.

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