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I can only speak from personal experience but I had similar knee pain and symptoms for years. Tried just about everything mentioned in this thread, they only ever provided temporary relief. Unrelated to my knees I decided one day to start lifting more and devoted 5 solid months to getting a lot stronger one summer/fall. When I got my squat up to 1.5xBW and my deadlift to 2xBW my knee pain disappeared and hasn't returned since. A strong joint is a healthy, stable, happy joint and the "strength" you have from mtn biking is not the type of strength you need for a strong stable joint. If anything the quad-centric activities like mtn biking and downhill skiing are probably creating bigger muscle imbalances that are exacerbating your knee pain. I'm 30lbs heavier than when I started lifting and can still pound bumps all day without any of the knee pain or soreness that I had when I was skinnier and weaker. As always though, YMMV
im really thinking this is it, I have very “strong” legs from tons of running skiing and mtn biking, but for how strong they are they don’t feel stable, even my good knee. I’m probably just increasing that imbalance the more I bike and ski.

could be some of the other things mentioned. The total lack of stability/balance that accompanies the pain makes me think there’s a chance it could be a legit issue. Going to see a PT next week hopefully I can at least get an idea