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    $2million crowdfunding mittens - Giveír

    Iím sure they are nice folks making nice things, but wow thatís a lot of preorders for a product that doesnít seem that revolutionary.

    Itís a leather mitten with waterproof liner, foil layer, and insulation.

    And you canít take delivery until spring.

    Anyone have the gloves they make now and find them revolutionary?
    Is it worth the hype?
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    Well theyíre semi based in jackson, and the only people I know around here that have them were given them fro free. Youíll end up with a very similar glove/mitten at a much lower price by buying a kinco and snow sealing it frequently, or buy the Flylow version for a little more thats already snow sealed, you can buy 2-5 kincos/ flylows for the price of givers, theyíre all made of the same/ similar leather which will develop holes at the same rate.

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    Bought into the mitts Kickstarter. Think they raised just shy of a million. Already have the mitts. Quick take is the leather is way higher quality than kinco etc. They are warm, seem to breath. Minor QC issues I wonít moan about but if it becomes an issue Iím sure theyíll take care of it.

    My hands run deathly cold FYI. Had these out at 10 degrees with no issues. Colder than that Iím in OR expedition mittens.

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