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    Days skiing from Seattle

    I grew up in Seattle, skiing at Crystal and Stevens and remember the drive being roughly 2 hrs on the weekends. Having spent the last nearly 30 years in Colorado, I am likely jaded by the horrendous weekend I-70 traffic to ski. What is traffic like up to Stevens or Crystal on the weekend? What is the magic hour to leave to avoid the traffic?

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    If youíre back in Seattle after all that time Iím sure youíve noticed all of the housing and business, development changes. Well it seems many of those people want to drive their unequipped vehicles to the snowy mountains.
    If you can avoid weekends youíre golden. The lots fill at or before the time lift loading starts.
    Welcome back

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    Hwy 2 : WRX in a ditch capital of the world

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    voting in seattle
    Folks who left yesterday at 5:30am avoided the cutoff for parking at Crystal and enjoyed a crawl up 410 and the blvd.

    Regularly takes 3hr to go from Stevens to Seattle in the afternoon/evening

    So... exactly the same as Denver to Vail.

    Seattle to Snoqualmie is like going to Winter Park except the road will close by 8:15 at the latest because of all the transplants experiencing snow for the first time and relatively inexperienced truckers trying to feed and supply the giant growth in population (22% over 10 years in Seattle alone).

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