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Donít know if I could watch my kid do that.
Yes, we've said the same. Riding with him a couple weeks ago, on a trail with parallel lines, just the sound of him coming down was so different than the rest of us. It is a bit scary. His dad tries not to think about it, but like a lot of us at that age, it is what it is. Dad is a former pro bump skier and ex squaw guy...so...

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Went out for a quick ride. This thing is sweet. Advancements in geometry, etc., are apparent. Maybe I'll have to try some of those new shaped skis this winter.

Only complaint so far is the rattling internally routed cables. And why are the rear hubs so loud these days?

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Nice ride!! Loud hubs are a Harley thing

Interesting you can hear the cables. I know Santa Cruz's have a dedicated channel for the cables. Not sure about others.