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    DWR has been explained repeatedly above. But when the DWR starts to wear off the hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature of the fabric comes into play. Nylon is hydrophilic, it attracts water and it's going to wet out easier than polyester, which varies between a little bit and very hydrophobic (unmodified by DWR, obviously).

    Freeride Systems' Neoshell offerings use a face fabric that holds it's ability to bead up and shed droplets longer than anything else I've used. Laundering matters, too: I took off lift grease with tech wash and a q-tip to minimize any impact on DWR. I wish I'd taken a video--scrubbed lightly until the grease lifted and then rinsed under a faucet, and while the detergent is there the water wets out the fabric but as it's rinsed the detergent washes out until it's gone and the water comes out of the fabric (where it had been wetted out) and starts beading up. The DWR is right back to doing its job. MiCol recommends not washing but I wonder if actual hand washing isn't the best approach sometimes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattig View Post
    Gonna agree with this wholeheartedly based on excellent performance of my dry q elite MH shell year after year. That said, I have yet to try Gore Tex Pro (not pro shell... What a fucked up misdirection play!).

    Only other caveat on eVent is that even the thinnest vanilla Gore Tex shell feels warmer (to me anyway). Probably because vanilla Gore Tex doesn't actually breathe by any reasonable standard.
    Agreed with this - pretty happy with EVent. I've used gore pro a bunch - it's fine, but doesn't breathe nearly as well as EVent. It's warmer though.

    EVent durability is still TBD for me. So far so good.

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