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    Smile OAC integrated skin ski's

    Saw an overseas ad today about AOC ski's from Finland. Look more for tundra laps but the skins are integrated into the ski below the base height and protrude when backward forces make them. Company has a model they say freerides but at 147cm, hhmm? Light too. If I was following the Boo in Lapland, prolly my go-to weapon of choice. Anybody else herd of these things?

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    They look very similar to the Altai skis. And the naming convention makes me think they’re some successor of Karhu skis which were also Finnish.

    My view on the Altai skis (I have to Hok) is that they are vastly superior to snowshoes one rolling terrain and are fun to mess around with on low-angle terrain in mountaineering boots, but don’t work as well as proper approach or XC skis for long approaches to climbing objectives, and obviously don’t compare to real AT equipment in real mountains.

    They’re good for things like short approaches to ice climbs, checking marten traps in the woods and maybe capercaillie hunting, though I would use XC BC skis for the last. But yeah Finnish stuff.

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    I have some Hoks, they’re a blast in nice low angle powder. 3 pins with two buckle light plastic tele boots. Surprising how much float and glide you get. On firm snow or anything over about 30 they’re a bit squirrelly, no fore/aft stability.

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    Quite a lot of people use them here. Mostly to replace snow shoes. Hunters, tourists etc. I have been thinking of getting them to strap them to my snowmobile when I'm out in wilderness and don't have touring skis with me, just in case of engine failure etc.

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    OACs are tons of fun for the already mentioned terrain. Climb fairly well and glide enough to be fun downhill. Really fun in low angle trees.

    Think they are carbon too, so they have that going for them.

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