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    All these "liners don't fit" posts had me worried. But my 27 Alpines fit my 27 Scarpa TX Pros just fine, and I did some rice baking yesterday, everything seems good to go!

    Thanks ~542~! And thanks Intuition!

    FYI, re their instructions, they suggest heating the liners, putting in footbed, then putting in foot (with toecap and sock). I had a bitch of a time getting my footbeds in before heating, so I went with the trick I had done many years ago, putting the footbed on under the sock, ie after heating, I have a footbed and toecap on my feet, with the sock over, and put it all in at once. That worked well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevied View Post
    I received exactly what I ordered, so no errors on your end, 542. The 27 tour wrap liners are at least 1 cm longer than my 27 power wrap so I need 26 in tour wrap.
    Just as a data point, due to concern over how they were described as thin in the Intuition docs, I ordered a pair of 27 Tour Wraps to put into a pair of 26 Scarpa TX boots. They do seem a bit long, enough that I had to use a little elbow grease to stuff them, but they most definitely work. With the amount of volume I still have, I wouldn't have gone with the 26 for my application.

    Good luck making yours work!


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