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    Another local cuttie stream, this one has bulls too, which I saw but didn't get to take.
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    Well maybe I'm the faggot America
    I'm not a part of a redneck agenda

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    Spent a pleasant afternoon catching little guys on my favorite little river.

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    “Little” guys huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTslackcountry View Post
    They have been known to check rafters on the shoshone take out. Looks like you guys got hassled more towards lovell. See many carp before the johnny law incident?
    after 5 luaus of not partying on the carp slut

    why yes poopers were sighted targeted and fucked in the face with flies

    after my foot pedal controlled trolling motor learning curve was dealt with anyhow
    yup out by the wyo hemp farm

    im so fixin up the 16' alum skiff landos got for me
    and # skifflifeing

    next season
    sheldon was pretty good in it

    minus the abandoning ship evac drill on the beachless cliff walls part
    hung out with the curious locals

    stung some smallies

    a lil rain didnt dampen our partying and lou dog road er out in style

    yellowtails cool ill be back

    So i guess it was officer no balls first day at this gig
    so after our blow blow pass incident they rolled out to show her the layout
    we secured the boats ,made road pops, and stopped at the horseshoe canyon overlook 10 miles down the road
    just in time to see them motor by
    pull my chaco off and start banging my skull

    so i owe the lando big time for settin up the luau every year
    so gittin a im headed to the slc to visit fam
    wanna fish text tuesday ment
    a 4-9 humpday shift and payback time
    didnt take him long

    got lowholed by burgers to be eaten later

    but loudog let em know
    fuck off

    i managed a couple but i think i left my mojo

    but lando had the hot hand put em where they needed to be to git eaten despite shit vis

    and pegged 3 over 30"
    not that palm of yur handers dont matter
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    Yo poliassfuckers
    theres a special basement for your lame shit

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