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    Okay, you know the drill.
    For fucks sake, yall are talking about jackets.
    Dick Punches all around.
    Go on Now
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    Double main zip.
    You know, unzip from the bottom, to re-adjust your, em, hardware and other things around mid-torso that the hard-shell covers.

    My last TNF high-end hardshell [skiing specific] doesn't have a double zip.
    It's not the end of the world, but more often than I'd like, I find it pretty annoying. Sure you can hike the parka up and do what needs doing, but it's certainly not optimal.

    Don't assume, like I did, that any good parka will have a main double zip. I can't recall a technical parka from the last 30 years not having a double-zip, so I was shocked this one didn't. Since I got it in the off-season and didn't really wear it till next ski season, I was kind of stunned when I discovered it.

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    Peruvian FTW

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Striker View Post
    No hood - or a poorly designed hood - is a dealbreaker for me.
    ...a well designed hood (FRS and dead bird come to mind)
    Quote Originally Posted by HAB View Post
    helmet compatible hood falls into the "mandatory" camp
    Quote Originally Posted by toast2266 View Post
    -a neck that comes up high enough that I can hunker my face in behind it on the chair.
    -a good, helmet compatible hood (I rarely use it, but on a cold, windy day, it's really nice)
    Quote Originally Posted by GeezerSteve View Post
    Yes, a necessity for my shell for cold weather/storm lift-served skiing. Hood over helmet adds at least 10F of warmth, sometimes more in stormy weather.
    Quote Originally Posted by ACH View Post
    - Helmet sized hood
    - High collar, preferably with a fleece lining
    Quote Originally Posted by XavierD View Post
    -Helmet comparable hood which keeps rain/snow off goggles but doesn’t restrict peripheral view.
    Quote Originally Posted by N1CK. View Post
    Hood is essential, it gets cold here (and windy!)
    FRS and Arc hood/collar design rules, IMO.
    The hoods have it.

    And I forgot to say, a well executed hood moves with your head at all times.

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    Something to hang the wire wicket on is nice, plus rare earths zipper pulls. Attractive styling is a bonus

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    Those laminated "waterproof" zips are pieces of shit. They will blow out long before your jacket's lifetime is over.

    You can stick a rfid pass in any small interior pocket which every jacket has.

    And a good hood is a must.

    Also, I don't like insulated shells. I prefer to adjust insulation day to day on my own.

    And screw those finger loop things. Powder skirts too.

    I'd focus first on picking a fabric, then narrow down by features.

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    - I cut out those wrist gaiters immediately. Forearms and neck areas are where heat builds up and needs to get dumped. But for someone with a cold metabolism they might work fine
    - insulated jackets are the bomb for dumping heat as needed. When I was a lemming who layered up underneath a hard shell, dumping heat by unzipping pit zips didn’t accomplish much. But if you go this insulated jacket route, and just wear thin merino wool underneath, you may have to buy two jackets rather than one to cover the range of temps.
    - goretex still sucks but with enough venting can work. EVent and Pertex Shield are superior IME. Outdoor Research and Rab and some other Euro brands can help you avoid the narrow comfort range of goretex.
    - 686 has jackets with powder skirts that are also hydration bladders. The skirt is not Bluetooth enabled, however.

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    Agree with Fro' - insulation for the resort is the bees knees. Anything beyond 2 layer under a shell is restricting.

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    Any options you need can be solved with an exacto knife and/or small job for local seamstress/fabricator.
    Need arm pass holder with nice pouch and seam taped -- small job to local sports tailor.
    Don't need hand panties or powder skirt -- have a beer and get out the exacto..

    If you don't need to pay extra and/or pay into already enriched shareholders
    of companies that manufacture in Myanmar for the going sub $3.55 daily wage,
    or a YoungOne factory (many locations all over the globe),
    well then, I might suggest one of these companies below.

    Extreme performance, locally made, ski jacket, two great options are Westcomb (Vancouver) and Freeride Systems (Colorado):

    Hand-crafted in Vancouver, Canada.

    Made in Colorado, USA by Full Time Mountain Living People
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    Digging the responses, this has been helpful. Even buttflake's (you're right, and I've already taken laps). Never having had a hood, it seemed like something I may or may not need, but y'all have totally convinced me.

    In the past, I would have agreed with those who say to not get an insulated jacket, but now I'm getting cold out there. And these days, layering with what I have, I feel like Randy from Christmas Story on the cold days. An insulated jacket would do a better job.

    Arm or wrist pass pocket is non-negotiable for me. Yes, you can put it in the chest pocket or hand pocket, but I've seen people do contortions to get the pass scanned when the scanner is acting finicky. It's never a problem with arm/wrist pass.

    Sounds like a may or may not like the panties. They seemed kinda cool in the store (Orage jacket, fwiw), but the only way I'll know it's to try.
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    Freeride System Antero II. It has all the shit you need including light insulation and a well designed hood. None of the crap you don't like a powder skirt or wrist gaiters. Pass in chest pocket works just fine. Too warm for some days, but a cheap softshell beats all on warm sunny days anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puregravity View Post
    Extreme performance, locally made, ski jacket, two great options are Westcomb (Vancouver) and Freeride Systems (Colorado)
    It's getting pretty hard to find Westcomb south of the border these days.

    I have the last version of the Mirage and the first version of the Apoc. Aside from the goofy zipper that Mirage is one of the best inbounds jackets I've ever owned. The most recent version of the Revenant would meet Danno's needs perfectly (except for the kidney he'd have to sell to buy it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by powder11 View Post
    if you have to resort to taking advice from the nitwits on this forum, then you're doomed.

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    Hand panties are definitely the easiest/most effective way to keep snow out of your sleeves and gloves. I'm not going back to constantly readjusting wrist Velcro. I have a few base layers with them built in that I use with my springtime shell that doesn't have any.

    Fuck powder skirts, though. A tucked in shirt works fine in CO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenalated View Post

    My Strafe Nomad jacket is an example of hand panties done right. But that jacket is like 6 years old, no idea if the new ones are still good.
    Yes. They are. Norrona lofoten line also does them well, but spendy AF unless you can find one used.
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    A lot of good commentary on hoods above; I strongly prefer a hood that's compatible with a large helmet, because I have a large skull. Unfortunately, most aren't quite big enough (I can hunker down in them in my uniform jackets, but I can't ski that way because I can't turn my head).

    Re: large inside pockets, usually mesh: these are a big plus. Yes, you (probably) don't need a skin pocket in your resort jacket, but they're really nice to have when getting geared up and going to/from the car, especially if stopping in at the lodge/bar/locker and trying to keep track of a pair of gloves or goggles that aren't on your body yet. Also a big plus for de-icing goggles during a lift ride.

    One plus of powder skirts not yet mentioned: if the jacket happens to be a little snug around the waist, they can take stress off the bottom of the zipper. YMMV as to whether or not this matters for you (and it probably won't if the zipper is new and high-quality).

    I prefer an outside, glove-operable pocket for my phone, but I have a waterproof phone. Again, YMMV.

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    Definitely needs to be waterproof!

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    It makes perfect sense...until you think about it.

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    with regards to hand panties, my bro-in law picked these up for me as a souvenir from a trip to Norway a couple of years ago. They are made by an apparently a high end Norwegian wool manufacturer.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I shit you not they are one of the most useful pieces of gear i have. I don't rock the hand panties, but these wrist warmers keep me hecka warm and make a great barrier from the cold between my base layer and shell. They don't seem to be available for purchase anymore, but prob pretty easy to make. I keep them in the pocket of my shell so that I never go out without them. it's amazing how much warmth you loose by having exposed wrists.
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    Latest 686 jacket I have has a few nice things. The bungy shock cord around the bottom comes into the front pockets so it is never hanging down to get caught on anything ever. The inside larger mesh pocket has a snap at the top center to keep anything of size (like a cell phone fits in perfectly) from falling out. Goggles fit in the pocket, but mine are just a bit too big to fasten the snap, so can store them in there like when walking around the lodge or to or from the vehicle if wearing the jacket.

    It has a hood with a flap that covers the googles, but still is a bit small if helmet is worn (so not as usable for out skiing- more for to and from the slopes. It does have a shock cord in the hood also. Since it is not the largest hood, wish it could be zipped on or off instead of always on the jacket though.

    Outside front pockets have side vertical zip that can be opened and closed with gloves on- but of course have to be closed if you want to keep anything in them (unlike the ones that are a bit of a 45 degree angle for the pocket opening, and a top access pocket with a snap flap and velcro across the top edge for something that you do not need to have access to and want to secure like a wallet or money clip or something along those lines of stuff if not in the 2nd inside zip close pocket.

    Velcro strap at the wrist that can be adjusted to be tighter inside powder cuff gloves or if you want to open the wrist up and have shorter no powder cuff gloves inside the sleeve.

    Pit Zips of course and does have a powder skirt that has capability of snapping around the waist or tucked and snapped on each edge of the front zipper area to be out of the way...

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    One other thing to consider if you're wearing bibs is the location of the bib pockets vs. the location of the jacket pockets. I've had bib / jacket combos where all the pockets were in the same vicinity, which rendered them kind of useless unless you wanted a big pile of stuff packed around one area of your torso. Of particular concern is whether a beacon pocket interferes with the preferred phone pocket.

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    I love my new BD Mission jacket except for one thing... My phone freezes and dies in the chest pocket. My previous Trew jacket check pocket was mesh backed so my body heat kept my phone warm.

    Im going to have to find some way to keep my phone warm now.... or buy a layering piece with a chest pocket...

    Next jacket Id like an interior mesh phone pocket, or insulated phone pocket...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickwm21 View Post
    I love my new BD Mission jacket except for one thing... My phone freezes and dies in the chest pocket. My previous Trew jacket check pocket was mesh backed so my body heat kept my phone warm.

    Im going to have to find some way to keep my phone warm now.... or buy a layering piece with a chest pocket...

    Next jacket Id like an interior mesh phone pocket, or insulated phone pocket...
    I had this same problem even in an interior jacket chest pocket.

    I bought a shit ton of handwarmers from sam's club / costco or other bulk supply and I put one in my chest pocket with my phone. I went from my phone dying every day to 85% battery. The resistive load on the cold battery really just kills it so fast and a little heat from a hand warmer helps a ton. I think it's like $0.25 per use based on the amazon price.

    My layers have no pockets so I'm currently looking for a layer that has a chest pocket.

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    Put yer phone in a neoprene beer coozy with a handwarmer and you'll be ready for the apres' PBR and Tinder time

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    This is a suspiciously helpful thread for TGR...

    Anyone have experience with these guys?

    I am in desperate need of a new coat. Skiing mostly in the PNW, so waterproofness is a very high priority (especially this year thus far) . Unfortunately for me, I am very exothermic and sweat like a fat guy at a hotwing eating contest when I exercise, so breathability is super important too...

    I hear the buzz about TNF's fancy new shit, and I guess OR has done the electrospun thing for a few years now... what else is out there?

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    I must say good hand panties are a must for me. Only in the warmest spring skiing I would use a jacket without them.

    I can remove my mitts without worrying about my hands rewarming or redoing any velcro.

    My current jacket is so "high-tech" it doesn't have pit zips. That was a huge mistake and I'll chose them on my next jacket. I have to layer very carefully so I'm not dying of heat on the technical double blacks and then freezing on the lifts.

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