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    The Sequoia from Western Mountaineering is the best damn 5 degree bag I've ever laid down in. I couldn't afford it even when I worked at the shop that sold it, but this thing is the bees knees.

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    Yeah I just love my sleeping bag hoods. If Iím using the quilt I will typically wear a base layer plus Arcíteryx atom LT hoodie to serve as the hood. Using a quilt sans hood is a difficult adjustment in colder weather.

    Iíll be in a mountain equipment glacier 700 on my cot tonite in the desert. Their bags are a slightly roomier mummy design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASmileyFace View Post
    from Western Mountaineering
    Say no more

    I just got a WM Antelope, is pretty awesome. I am super excited to get it up high this winter. Still think I will be sticking to quilts for the summer though. I'm a side sleeper and really like the flexibility when its warm out.

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    My setup for winter car camping is an r10 rated insulted exped queen size air mattress, mattress pad, and some blankets. I have 20f mummy bag, a 20f two person big agnes mummy bag, and a cheap square 20f double wide bag. This gives me some good options, the sub zero option is single wide mummy bag inside double wide mummy bag inside double wide square bag, covered in blankets. I think the little bit of dead air between each layer really seems to insulate well. I ussually just leave the two double wides unzipped with the blankets and leave the single wide stowed if its not super cold. the exped air mattress is awesome. I never thought air mattress and sub zero camping would belong in the same sentence but its sick.

    Thats not what this threads about but I wanted to share because I'm special.
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    Big Agnes

    Thanks for the information. I have used multiple sleeping bags for cars. Currently I am using Big Agnes, and I can't tell how satisfied I am with this thing. Amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmedslc View Post
    Yeah I just love my sleeping bag hoods. If I’m using the quilt I will typically wear a base layer plus Arc’teryx atom LT hoodie to serve as the hood. Using a quilt sans hood is a difficult adjustment in colder weather.
    This is why I've fallen in love with Sierra Design's sleeping bags - they're like the weird lovechild between a normal sleeping bag and a quilt. I've got the Cloud 20 for backpacking and it's been perfect. Light, pad sleeve to keep me in place, slot at the bottom I can stick my feet out when they get too warm, hood like a mummy bag but with an overlapping quilty bit instead of a side zipper.

    They actually have a quilt with integrated hood/face hole, but I'm not ready to commit to that yet. Maybe if I saw someone use it in person I could be convinced.

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    Clouds are cool if you can deal with not having insulation on the bottom. Some people just arenít warm enough.
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    Is it useful in snow fall or extreme winters? Anyone tried it in the said conditions? Feedback please.

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    Dont take me wrong, look into down quilts. Its like sleeping bags but with no bottom.

    Bottom is pretty useless anyway since all of loft/warmth is compressed. Once I tried them, I hardly could go back.

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    ^^ I think you too late to the disussion, the people in the previous posts are all dead now due to exposure. Where were you when the OP started the thread 3 years ago?

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