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    ^ Heh. Thanks, Steve. That was interesting.
    And I guess that I just don't know

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    good shit steve. come to think of it, years ago, when I was a frontline employee forcing patrons to sign liablity waivers, some lawyer signed the form, but added his own text above the signature: "this waiver is not legally enforceable and I refuse to waive my rights", or some shit like that. we weren't actually going to kill him on the excursion...he could have just let it slide.

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    I do that. Makerstelemark, in protest.

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    Two more New England/NY areas just saw the light and enabled uphill access...thanks be to Catamount Ski in Hillsdale NY and its sister area in Charlemont MA, Berkshire East. Its all good.

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    Jay Peak, VT allows uphill for free, gotta sign a waiver and they give you a flashy reflective strap to throw on your pack so patrol knows you checked in. Personal note that I was really stoked about, during ACL rehab I was cleared to go uphill before I was cleared to go downhill, Jay has a tram so I was able to skin up and download. It was great exercise and felt good to be sliding on snow in some capacity.
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