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    Fortunately not

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    So, not to take away from the most entertaining Jongfest above, but three years ago a buddy of mine stumbled into a high end Vail shop clearing out its Wagner demo fleet on the cheap (who knew Wagner had demo skis) and I ended up with some 98s with Marker demos for a very low price, like regular demo ski price. I think they are 136-98-124, 177 length, short for me but I figured what the hell. They ski great, really solid, really connected and intuitive, moved really well from edge to edge for a 98, and super damp (they are pretty heavy but emote bullet proof). I was curious and ended up emailing the company as to what/who they were designed for as a demo, and Wagner himself answered that the goal was an all around Vail daily driver. If I had a trust fund, Id definitely have him build me some skis, but the customs I think can get well over $2,000 flat if you start adding options on materials, etc.

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