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Thread: Meniscus health

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    Meniscus health

    Anything to help longer term meniscus wear and tear. Seems to be an issue during ski season for me

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    Less Huck to flat.

    More yoga.
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    Don't wreck.

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    Leg strengthening in offseason.

    Careful skiing.

    Glucosamine & MSM may help... or may be just snake oil. Wouldn't hurt though.
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    Mine, after arthroscopic work to remove torn tissue were great for 18 years. Now have calcification on the one we x-rayed and some pain in the other so I'm going with Naproxin for after-ski relief and just ski / tour as best I can. Muscle development in the surrounding areas will go further than alternatives at this point. Next would be injections of some kind, glucosamine or something like that but I'd rather get all the miles out of them I can first. I'd suggest muscle strengthening and anti-inflammatory med's. for the pain management if you can go that route.

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    Tore mine last spring as a result of poor recovery from breaking my foot on the same leg the winter before. The foot is still in rehab and still recovering from 10 weeks of being immobilized in a boot ( in 2017!), but focus is currently on the knee. Iíve been consulting with a physiatrist and a PT who are in the same office. Both are lifelong skiers, athletes, have families, and are middle aged.

    Initial PT was focused on mobility restoration and alignment. Focus has shifted to strength/stability and alignment. Improvement is noticeable but slow. Iím a lifelong skier and have tele skied for the past 25 years. Last season after injury, I could make alpine turns without problem but a tele position was painful. In the spring and early summer, it was painful to stand in the pedals and spin on a bike (seated spinning was not a problem).

    Currently, Iím still very focused on strength building. The exercises are simple: 10 minutes on a stationary bike to get juices flowing, then reps with strength focus: addiction, abduction, leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses, and weighted eccentric in the calves. So far this season, tele turns have not been painful but I can feel that things are still weak.

    Patiences and consistency has been the biggest challenges for me with recovery. If, after noticeable strengthening there were no improvements, the physiatrist was going to recommend stem cell (I think) injections. Luckily, it seems like that will not be necessary.

    My physiatrist has stressed patience. And told me that the long term research no longer supports surgery. Of course, as a physiatrist, he is biased.

    Good luck.

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