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    Quantifying CT/ECT Taps

    I recently had a discussion about the Stuffblock test as an alternate to the CT. Considering the variables in tapping on your column such as the size of the person, downward force applied, gloved had or not, etc., I was wondering if there have been any studies quantifying the average force from your wrist, elbow, or arm. Anyone out there have any numbers?

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    If you are willing to dig in a bit, check out the proceedings from past ISSW meetings:

    I don't know if you will find an exact answer to your question, but a quick search shows a few papers at least comparing different tests across different climates.

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    Interesting question. Here's an article from TAR 25.2, Dec 2006.

    The interesting part of the whole CT and ECT scoring deal is that the number of taps is becoming less and less important in decision-making, especially in relation to whether there is propagation or not, or in case of the CT, what the Canadian shear quality score might be.Click image for larger version. 

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    Wonder if the test variability might actually be self compensating? I.E. a heavy, strong person who is a bit clumsy and heavy on their feet will probably tap harder than a light, weaker person who is sensitive and light on their feet.

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