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    Boot stiffness 15 yo girl - how to tell if too soft?

    Alright, need some help here. My 15 yo girl is in Salmon X/Pro 70s. She is 5'1" 115 and that's likely close to her final height. She's strong as hell, serious soccer player who is trying to play D1 college. She likes to ski very fast, hit jumps, steeper the better, etc. She's skilled and charges anything in-bounds. Doesn't love bumps cause they aren't as fast but we ski a lot of them.

    The boot guys put her in the 70s last year, but I'm worried they're too soft now. My wife is 5'2" 110lbs and is in x/max 90s. While my wife is also fit and strong, the 15 yo is very likely stronger at this point and definitely skis harder.

    Also, she's a 15 year old, which means she's a delightful pain in the ass, and not very helpful regarding questions about her boots.

    So, my question to the group - how can I tell if she's overskiing her boots? I've tried skiing along with her to see if she's bending her knee too far out in front, but she's so flexible from soccer plus balanced well enough that I think she'd just go ahead and drive anything, even slippers, and keep her body in the right position. Maybe if I had good video, but I don't.

    Any great ideas? I'd rather not spring for 90s just to find out they aren't as good, but I kind of think she should move up to them.

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    Watch her flex them. If she can flex the boot, then she is good to go....unless she prefers softer
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    is she having a problem with the boots? (sounds like she is happy with them, or as happy as a teenager gets)

    if she is not complaining about the boots, just enjoy it. Dont look for solutions to problems that dont exist.

    and odds are if she is skiing that well, they are fine.

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    Stiffer boots aligned properly should be easier to ski. but with out video its hard to tell.

    When she hits bump/or chunks does her boot over flex?

    IMO being able to flex you boots while standing still is a silly test. I can not flex my boot while standing still but when I turn the skis interaction with the snow will cause my boots to flex if my body is the correct position.

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    Thank Gawd not all ski instructors are quite as retarded as bushwacka. Shut up and go do some leaf turns. Stay out of the way of people learning to actually ski.

    Indicators would be complaints of heel lift or her ankles hurting. With the 70 you can also add a rivet in the spine to stiffen it up. I agree with mntlion, if there are no complaints in a teenager there are no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beece View Post
    Alright, she's a 15 year old, which means she's a delightful pain in the ass, and not very helpful regarding questions about her boots. .
    OMG !

    you talk to her ?

    Dude just text her LOL !

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    Read the thread title without the first word. ..

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