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    Quote Originally Posted by hutash View Post
    I would love an explanation myself. It was a very costly hole to dig and then fill up. I just assumed somebody at the city was once a fuck-up army private who spent time digging and filling holes.

    I suspect the real reason is the original soils engineers back in the 50s did such a shitty job, that the city wants everybody to over-ex justs as a CYA. Some really bad soils work was done back in the day. Three houses slide in the El Nino of '69, and several have had to do $100K of soil and foundation engineering over the years. We chose our house carefully when we bought it 25+ years ago to make sure it was all built on cut. Still, the city made us over-ex.

    I just got a picture of the completed front door. It's too pretty to put half of it outside
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    Damn, that is awesome.

    Closer to the Gamble house than you are willing to admit.

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    It's more like the Gamble house garage,( but not even that cool.)

    I agree it is a constitutional right for Americans to be assholes...its just too bad that so many take the opportunity...

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