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    B&W Film - Shooting on snow?

    Recently started shooting more film again, but this time developing and scanning at home.

    Thinking about shooting some skiing this winter, anything I should keep in mind? Obviously metering will be a big one, but beyond that? Do I need to be worried about condensation any more than normal?

    Will shoot either tri-x or hp5+ (need to be something that isn't c-41). Probably just leave it at box speed or maybe shoot at 200.

    Thoughts? Experiences?

    Results around the house and town have been awesome so far.

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    Take an incident reading, or overexpose by 2 stops. You can push a stop or two for more contrast/grain.

    C41 at home is simple, you should pick up a kit and try it. No need to worry about dev times and you can develop multiple different rolls at the same time.

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