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    Shipping from Portugal to the United States

    I am traveling through Portugal/Europe for the next month, its already been two, and I have a few items that I want to send home. Looking at prices from Fedex online it is completely unrealistic to send a package, close to $130.

    Is there any feasible way to get items from Portugal to Denver or should I just shoulder the extra weight and carry em home?

    I will mainly be looking to ship out of Porto.

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    DHL would be worth checking. Or you could probably just mail them but I'm sure it would take a while. We had a couple packages shipped from A Coruna (not far from Porto) successfully if you're going to Spain at all.

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    You would be amazed at what you can smuggle in your rectum.

    duty free.
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    Shipping from Portugal to the United States

    Iíve used USPS freight. The packages sit until the boat is full. Up to a month or more but got there eventually. Check ocean rates.

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    I shipped some stuff home from Ecuador one time that I wasn't going to need for the rest of my trip. Just went to their post office. It wasn't terribly expensive, maybe $20 or 30 for a good sized box. They did a very thorough search of all the items in it, even checking all the hems and folds on articles of clothing.

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