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    Thoughts?? Enforcer 100 vs Origin 96

    Anybody skied on both of these? Debating between these two and want to get comparison...

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    Pretty different personalities.

    Origin 96
    * Fairly light and energetic
    * Not especially damp
    * Can carve hard with fair energy out of a turn (more snappy than Enforcer)
    * Floats surprisingly well for a sub-100
    * Deflects pretty readily in heavy chop
    * Kind of a precise, edgy feel on groomers. A few people have put a .5/3 edge on these and they can be shockingly strong carvers with this tune. The first ones I demoed had this tune and it was a little like being on a race ski, even on bulletproof.


    * Pretty mellow with an almost rubbery feel (slower recovery from turns than O96)
    * Pretty damp feeling
    * Not as readily deflected in chop
    * Carves well but not as dynamic as O96 (Enforcer 93 is a little closer in this regard)

    Overall the Enforcer 100 is a little more composed, mellow ski than the Origin 96. Origin has a pretty high top-end but doesn't hold up as well in chop. Origin floats better in deep. Kinda different skis but both pretty cool in their own right and pretty accessible to mortals...but can be pushed when asked. Both very easy to initiate a turn, the Enforcer maybe a little easier in this regard. Just depends what you are looking for.

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    Great feedback...thanks Thomas

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    Find a on snow demo...I did a A to B comparison last spring and found myself surprisingly leaning towards the O96...i also liked the evolv100 from Liberty. Thomas has a very accurate comparison. the O96 could be a good touring ski, that you could run in resort

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    Both are great skis but way different. Enforcer is a bit more of that Cadillac feel. More glued to the snow and just sort of stays in the turn and very stable. The Origin 96 is super poppy, energetic and really fun. The pop from turn to turn is really fun. If you were looking for a feel sort of in between the Origin 96 and Enforcer 100, check out the Liberty Evolv 100. I think it's a bit of the best of both worlds, as it blends the poppiness or liveliness of the Origin 96 with the damp, smooth, and glued to the now feel of the Enforcer 100. You can't go wrong with either of those 3 skis though.

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