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    Quote Originally Posted by XXX-er View Post

    I had friends who would describe anywhere in Vancover by its relationship to the MEC store
    That is peak Vancouver lol.

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    I've had people describe places in Van with reference to the broadway store as well. Funny.

    I can count on 2 hands how many times I've walked into their stores, and just Van and Victoria. One thing for certain, the staff in Van on broadway were the worst customer service I've ever experience, Victoria was the complete opposite. But ya, the vast majority of my purchases with MEC were mail order and then online. Still have their 40yr anniversary catalogue in the mag box by the gear workbench. They were more anticipated than any other catalogue or mag I ever received, especially in the days when I did not have a TV.
    I hope they figure it out, but our relationship has lost its spark - it could disappear and my gear whoring would not be significantly impacted.

    And MECH is just weird. Can't say I can recall ever hearing that before. Must have been a clique thing, and I could be described as the antiClique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puregravity View Post
    I love the parking spot next to the front door signed (for Electric/Hybrid or low emissions vehicles). There is NEVER a car parked there.
    I always park my 15 year old truck in those spots no matter which store it is.
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