Be Alert!

The very large Creek Fire is 15 miles from Mammoth, pointed right at Mammoth. A forecasted wind event may arrive Thursday and Friday. In the last weeks we've seen many wind-driven fires making 15, 20, 30 mile runs in a matter of hours. Creek Fire could run straight up the Fresno-Madera county line. Watch that wind forecast closely and consider dipping out.

I watched the town hall last night - local officials say they are prepared and not to panic. In other places, officials have been similarly prepared and caught flat-footed. If the fire continues its current spread, the hazard is low, they'll manage. However, if the wind fan hits your shit, they'll go into life-safety mode, starting door-to-door evacuations. Then they'll get overrun, forced to protect themselves. Too often, Mother Nature ignores official confidence.

I'm no expert, only a keen observer