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Thread: Which Wagon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huckbucket View Post
    Alright. Flame suit on.

    I've owed two of these cars and they are roomy, economical, well built and comfortable. Yahtzee!
    Just interested...did you lease? We owned a Hyundai (same company) and everything was great until it hit 60K miles. Then everything started failing. In 80,000 miles I had to replace the struts twice and the brakes 3 times. Again, first impressions are long-lasting with me. Korean cars and no Subarus.

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    Honestly, you should look at a used Chevy Bolt EV. I've owned one for a year now, and I"m really impressed. 60 mile daily commute. I frequently can charge for free at work, but my monthly fuel bill dropped from $150/month (hybrid car) to $30/month (electric).

    260 mile range in good weather. Drops to 170 mile range in cold winter. EPA says 238 mile range. Charge fully overnight on 240 volt circuit.

    You can find a used 2017 for well under $20k. I bet Vermont has some state incentives too. It's good enough for Greg Hill.

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