Thinking Iím going to pass over the ION LT in my basement for one of the new crop of moderately-featured tech binders around 300g. Been leaning hard at the ATK Crest 10 but not sure I have the $375 laying around for a binding with questionable access to warranty service in the USA. Kicking myself for not picking up some MTNs last year on clearance $185 when I posted a PSA here. Anybody holding/hoarding extra?

Looking for:
G3 Zed
Salomon MTN/Atomic Backland
ATK/Hagan something?
Plum??? (No experience with them, prefer to have floppy risers to turny risers)

Not into:
Stuff heavier than 400g (again, have an Ion LT already)
Dynafit speed
Marker Alpinist
Fritschi Xenic

Lemme know whatcha got and how much you want for it please. Used or new is ok, prefer to have some life left as these are going on brand new skis. Thanks for playing!