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    Quote Originally Posted by apex dave View Post
    Doesn't it bother you that people who get themselves in trouble are so often people who are from somewhere else? They put our local SAR people at risk due to their own poor judgment. Is ignorance an excuse? Should Darwin prevail?
    This is beyond silly. Are you proposing that SAR respond only to call-outs for locals? Only for the well-prepared?

    No need to feel sorry for searchers. They volunteer to help those in need, no matter where the subject is from or how ill-prepared they are.

    It is frustrating when a subject makes their situation worse by making increasingly poor decisions. Dehydration, panic, and exhaustion tend to seriously impair judgment, even for folks who are mountain savvy.

    Searchers would always rather help than sit by and watch someone potentially suffer. The subject has probably already learned an important lesson by the time SAR is activated.

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    I am eternally grateful to BC SAR and learned a ton from my mistake. I have learned to be more prepared and have better gear with a plan. If I donít know I donít go.

    I plan to volunteer with my local SAR and hope I can help. I talked with my friend who is 12 yr SAR volunteer and he said he does it to help people whether they were stupid or not. I made a stupid choice and share my story in hopes others wonít make the same mistake.

    SAR rocks!!!!!!!

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    I need to go to Utah.
    Yeah, Utah. It's wedged in between Wyoming and Nevada. You've seen pictures of it, right?

    So after 15 years we finally made it to Utah.....

    Thanks BCSAR and POWMOW Ski Patrol for rescues

    8, 17, 13, 18, 16, 18, 20, 19, 16

    2018/2019 (24/32)

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    Quote Originally Posted by whyturn View Post
    I put hands in trail mix bag to create vapor barrier. Put arms inside jacket under arm pits and also kept blood flowing in my legs with movement. Was really sore. Main challenge was staying awake but knew I couldnít sleep or I would not wake up. Played mind games and blew my safety whistle a lot. It was a long night and still get cold was sometimes.
    Pretty smart given the circumstances...especially the trail mix bag. Gotta improvise sometimes. Glad to hear you made it out okay!

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    First rescue of the season, in your face BC!
    .....I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record

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    Quote Originally Posted by waxman View Post
    Stop making stupid people famous:
    Idiot. Plain and simple. Every single year there's at least one death from yahoos coming to the Rockies from Quebec (and sometimes Ontario) to get rad and the die because they can't or won't follow simple directions or signage.
    "heh, heh i move to the montagnes to get the sponcership and film ze movies''
    As mentioned in the article it's a great way to get rid of your wife if that's your thing.
    but people can learn from their mistakes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by COformtn View Post
    ... people can learn ...
    ^^^ the flaw in your argument.

    see: the ever increasing number of selfie deaths

    Which leads us back to...

    Quote Originally Posted by waxman View Post
    Stop making stupid people famous:
    Idiot. Plain and simple.
    Quote Originally Posted by XXX-er View Post
    the situation strikes me as WAY too much drama at this point

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    Here's another:

    Gets lost on the last run of the day Monday, doesn't attempt to turn around and follow his tracks back until 1AM on Tuesday

    Why not just turn around in the first 30 minutes you think you are lost

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