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    Movie - Touching the Void (2003)

    Just finished this movie.

    Haven't read the book.

    It is a gut wrenching story by Joe Simpson about their climbing mishap on mountain in the Andes. Simon Yates and Joe Simpson sought to climb a peak, only to have a mishap on the way down. It is a story of Joe's survival and also Simon's reflections on how it all went down. A bit slow to develop and move along. I almost lost interest half way through but cam back the next day, watched the remainder, and I'm happy I did.

    Lessons learned:
    - never give up
    - carry extra fuel
    - carry more rope
    - it isn't always worth reaching the summit
    - you can survive more than you think you can
    - forgive
    - develop a sense of humor

    I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Not a *must see* but still a great story and one that I think all ski/mountaineers will be happy to have seen.
    Make sure to watch the EXTRA FEATURES stuff if you happen on the DVD.

    As a story in survival and determination, I'll give it 5 stars for the honest and reality of the events told.
    Rotton Tomatoes gave it 94%. I'd be pretty sure it did really well at mountain film festivals.

    It is a rainy day movie. One that really hits home what can happen on a mountain adventure.


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    Yeah, read the book, for sure. It isn't just one of the greatest mountaineering epics ever... the guy is a great writer. After that, check out his two follow-up books.

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