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    TIL that Aeropress made coffee has "one fifth the acid level of drip brew and one ninth the acid level of French press brew".
    Perhaps that's why it doesn't upset my tummy like most cheap chain coffee places.

    In other news ...
    I tried putting the coffee in one thermos and the milk in a tiny little thermos.
    For some reason, not mixing the milk and coffee till the last minute makes it taste a lot better than
    mixing it and storing it like that for several hours.
    OH, MY GAWD! ―John Hillerman  Big Billie Eilish fan.
    But that's a quibble to what PG posted (at first, anyway, I haven't read his latest book) ―jono
    we are not arguing about ski boots or fashionable clothing or spageheti O's which mean nothing in the grand scheme ― XXX-er

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    Coffee is for the weak! Bullfighting on the other hand...

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