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    What ever happened to Schoeller and eVent fabric/textiles?

    You hardly hear about either of these anymore.

    When Cloudveil was still alive Schoeller was the greatest thing. 66 North, back when steep & cheap carried their stuff, was all in on eVent.

    eVent worked, based on my experiences. An original Cloudveil schoeller serendipity jacket still is my go to for riding and hiking.
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    I like event and have jackets and pants in heavy weight fabric from westcomb
    REI was partnering on some of their branded models and they looked nice. I am also a fan of alpha and neoshell.

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    when you rely on mass market discounters to sell your stuff you probably aren't making any money...
    Schoeller is still big in Europe.
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    Flylow, Rab, REI are still (or recently were) using eVent.

    Black Diamond, Mountain Equipment, Mammut are still (or recently were) using Schoeller.

    MiCol will tell you that the product is more than the sum of its textiles, and I'm inclined to believe him. I've had eVent stuff that lasted forever, but one delaminated so bad it looked like I was wearing bubble-wrap.

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    Schoeller is still popular for touring gear and gets plenty of use in Europe; many larger manufacturers have developed their own similar softshell fabrics to avoid paying Schoeller's premium prices.

    eVent lost some traction in the market after being sold to General Electric, which doesn't seem interested in spending much on marketing the product. They basically will sell the technology to anyone but don't actually laminate the membranes themselves or do any sort of quality control. It's still around for those looking to avoid paying GORE-TEX prices for W/B shell fabrics, but it's not the only "other" game in town anymore.

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    I love Schoeller and Mammut still uses it on some of their offerings.

    Mammut Champ = best touring / hunting / backpacking pants ever for drier climates IMO

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    MEC used to have Schoeller stuff. Some good jackets and pants.. Now they have their own cutting edge, in house developed and tested, for 2x the price. Meh these days even costco stuff is dece.

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    Mammut champ! Best pant eva!

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    I have been a Patty fan boy for a long time but over the past couple of years I have been rocking Strafe kits that use eVent... Huge fan...! Breats great and sheds moisture like a champ... Since wearing their Nomad lineup my Patty Untracked has been sitting on the shelf...

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